Not so long ago you dreamt of learning to play the bass guitar. You even took some lessons. Playing the bass guitar was the coolest thing anybody could do. Maybe you pictured yourself with a red Strat, the intro to Crossroads streaming out of it without any effort on your part. People would be in awe of your musical gifts and accord you the respect you know you deserve. Yes the bass guitar dream was intoxicating; the guitar you eventually bought was a little out of your price bracket and the time and effort required by the bass guitar lessons were more than you were willing to pay.

So now the guitar lies under the bed, waiting. Because the need to be a bass guitar player is stirring anew, like the rumblings of last night’s Bengal Curry. Again your imagination goes to work, this time with a dash of much needed reality in the mix. Now you can clearly imagine yourself striding purposefully home after your day’s work or study, going directly to that quiet place where you begin releasing the guitar demon that dwells behind your plastic pen pocket. This time things are going to be different.

bass guitar amplifier

That is a good start. You need to have a space where you can give your bass guitar lessons the attention they deserve. The people you live with are going to have to understand that a person who takes bass guitar lessons needs to be cut some slack. At the same time you might need to take serious stock of how you use your time. You have a job or studies to do. You need to keep your room clean and help out with chores around the house. You cannot devote time to bass guitar lessons with other obligations following you around with expectant looks on their faces. Are there TV shows you always watch? You need to include the me time. If you practice in the living room you should do it when other people aren’t using the it. If you find you have much less time to devote to guitar lessons than you thought you had, don’t give up. As your guitar studies progress you will find that bass guitar time and I time are the same thing!

So what kind of bass guitar lessons are best for you? Examine the simplest solution – buy a guitar lesson book. Too simple? It really might be all you need. Some people need the guidance of a face to face teacher or the experience of seeing their guitar lessons on video, but there are many people manage with printed instructions and music. You can also buy your guitar lessons in video format. Video lessons are available for students of all ages and stages. With videos you can review your lessons as many times as you want, and even if the joy of bass guitar lessons leaves you again, your video lessons will be waiting for you when it gets back.