Choosing a PVC floor is, in fact, a good solution to combine aesthetics, functionality and low costs. But we try to provide a range of costs: in principle we can say that the price for an interlocking PVC floor goes up from 10-15 euros, while for a floating floor the average range goes from 25 euros per square meter ( to rise). The prices we have mentioned are purely indicative: the final budget will greatly depend on the type of brand chosen and the square meters used best vinyl plank flooring in Painesville, OH.

What is vinyl and its advantages

 Vinyl , in this case vinyl chloride, more commonly called PVC, is one of the materials of choice for making floors . It represents a very common solution, although for now it is mainly used for the cladding of public places, shops, schools etc.

A PVC coated floor is commonly referred to as a vinyl floor. PVC guarantees some properties that make it better than the most common alternatives, such as ceramic, natural stone, wood. One of these properties is the ease of installation, which is characterized by the ” click ” mode: the slabs fit together, so there is no need for adhesives. Alternatively, which is actually less common, the sheets are ” self- laying “, ie already equipped with adhesive.

The advantages of vinyl flooring are numerous: here are the most important.

Trampling resistance . Although a material with a certain elasticity, PVC, especially in the form of a coating, is incredibly resistant. This property obviously transfers to the floor, which is therefore able to withstand considerable and prolonged pressures.

Resistance to water . PVC is a waterproof material. The water, therefore, cannot pass through it. This feature is important in a floor, especially if located in rooms where the use of water is intensive and frequent (eg bathroom and kitchen).

Elasticity . PVC is an elastic and also fairly flexible material, especially in comparison to classic ceramics, wood, stone.

Aesthetic yield . Vinyl flooring is potentially more beautiful than any other flooring. It is for a rather simple reason: a decorative film is applied to it, which can reproduce any image, geometric pattern, color. The aesthetic possibilities, from this point of view, are virtually endless.